60 “The Legend of Korra” Trivia Quiz Questions

Hey there, fellow benders and non-benders alike! Are you ready to dive into a challenging trivia quiz about the thrilling world of Republic City and beyond?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, this “Legend of Korra” trivia quiz is bound to challenge and entertain. Now, let’s dive into the sequel of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” with these 60 mind-bending questions. Do you have what it takes to master the element of knowledge?

8 Legend of Korra Voice Actors that Crossover in Avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender is so much more than just a children’s show. It is a simplistic and fun show with some of the most lovable characters on television. It doesn’t talk down to its intended audience and even grew with them as they produced the sequel series, The Legend of Korra. While different stories in their own rights, they take place in the same universe and have some crossover between characters. But it doesn’t end there, some of the voice actors from the original series returned to take on new characters as well.

James Sie


All the cabbage merchant wanted to do was sell his green, leafy veggie in peace, but somehow—to our comedic benefit—his business regularly encountered misfortune by Aang and the gang. This tragic fan favorite was brought to life by James Sie, who voiced several different characters across the seven ATLA episodes he worked on. He would return in TLOK to voice Abbot Shung, the leader of the Southern Air Temple’s Air Acolytes, and more notably Lau Gan-Lan, the son of the cabbage merchant and owner of Cabbage Corp.

Erin Grey Van Oosbree


Erin Grey Van Oosbree, credited as Grey DeLisle and Grey Griffin, voiced Princess Azula, in ATLA, but her roles didn’t stop there. She voiced several other small characters throughout the original series before coming back to work on TLOK. You may have recognized her voice in TLOK’s Book Three: Change as Ming-Hua, the armless waterbending member of the Red Lotus. She performed several other characters in the sequel series, including a young Lin Beifong.

Dee Bradley Baker


Dee Bradley Baker is a voice actor who has acted in many roles across various animated television shows, films, and video games. His creativity was able to shine in ATLA where mainly voiced Appa and Momo, but also took on additional characters and creatures. His work on TLOK also involved many of the animals, including Oogi, Naga, and Pabu, along with humans like Tarrlok, the radio host, and Bumi. His versatile work has made a huge impact on both series in bringing the world of Avatar to life.

Clancy Brown


Low voices are a staple of many villainous characters in fiction—and Clancy Brown’s deep tones were called upon for characters in ATLA and TLOK. Brown voiced Long Feng, the influential leader of the Dai Li, as well as Yakone, the infamous Republic City crime lord and bloodbender whom took bending away from and later went on to father Noatak and Tarrlok. Both characters were power-hungry and weren’t afraid to cross moral boundaries to achieve their goals.

Dante Basco


Dante Basco is the actor behind Rufio from Hook and Jake Long from American Dragon: Jake Long, as well as ATLA fan favorite, Zuko. You may also recognize his voice in TLOK playing Zuko’s granson, General Iroh. After going on to be Fire Lord, Zuko had a daughter named had a daughter named Izumi, who was the mother to the the younger Iroh. Zuko’s honor lives on through his military grandson who is a firebending master and the youngest general in United Forces history.

Daniel Dae Kim


General Fong is a character that appears in the first episode of Book Two: Earth in ATLA. He is a high-ranking Earth Kingdom Officer and earthbender. Fong is voiced by Daniel Dae Kim, who also voiced Hiroshi Sato in TLOK. Sato was a nonbender and an inventor who founded Future Industries. He appeared in seven episodes of the sequel series as Asami Sato’s father. He later joined the Equalists and was imprisoned for his crimes.

Jessie Flower


Starring in 36 episodes of ATLA, Jessie Flower voiced the Blind Bandit herself, Toph Beifong. Later in life, the original metalbender went on to have two children, Lin and Suyin—both powerful earthbenders. Flower came back to the world of Avatar in the sixth episode of TLOK’s Book Three: Change where she voiced a young version of Toph’s rebellious daughter, Suyin.