Top 5 Best 2000s Disney Channel Bedrooms

For kids and tweens in the 2000s, the bedrooms of their favorite Disney Channel characters were aspirational. Bright, colorful rooms filled to the brim with decor was the name of the game. And if you’re anything like me, you wanted to make these rooms your own. While my taste has evolved over the years, my nostalgia for these bedrooms is still alive, and I want to share my favorites with you—so here is a list of the most awesome Disney Channel rooms from the 2000s.

Lizzie McGuire


Hillary Duff was the first female Disney Channel star to headline her own show, and likewise was one of the first to get the iconic bedroom look. Lizzie McGuire’s bedroom walked so the other bedrooms on this list could run. It’s definitely the most attainable out of the bunch, which I do give it credit for. Some of the rooms further down this list set expectations way too high, but the white walls, with posters and pictures of family and friends, make for a cozy and realistic teenage bedroom.

Alex Russo


The statement piece of Alex Russo’s bedroom cannot be ignored. Love it or hate it, it’s undeniable that her faux fur wallpaper would fail to catch anybody’s attention. This Wizards of Waverly Place bedroom is filled with moody purples, blues, and greens, that accurately reflect the show’s main character. It does fall into the typical New York sitcom problem where you start wondering how the family can afford such a large apartment, but in this case, I’ll blame it on the magic. Alex has a very fun room, but by the terms of this list, there is still much more excitement to come.

London Tipton


London Tipton’s bedroom from the Suite Life of Zack & Cody has the advantage of space, as it’s an entire suite, plus the benefits of her father’s hotel fortune to finance the space. While the room is nothing short of amazing, it does still give off the vibe of being a hotel, which is probably what the designers intended. Overall, I think this holds the space back from what it could be. And let’s face it. We never really even got to see the whole of London’s bedroom. Her closet seemed to function as a shopping mall and we never got to fully see the inside. Now that is a sight I’d like to see.


There were several iterations of Miley’s bedroom on Hannah Montana, but the one she shared with Lily was the best by far. Hannah’s fame likely brought in a good amount of money, so it’s no wonder that this bedroom makes me say “sweet niblets!” The colorful walls and bedding, with personal touches and items that genuinely seem like Miley and Lily would have picked out, makes for an ideal teenage bedroom. All of that combined with having access to the Hannah closet 24/7—who wouldn’t want to live with their best friend at that age?

And I can’t forget to mention the stable door. This centerpiece is what horse girls dream of, and I can’t blame them.


Raven’s room makeover was the focus of a whole episode of That’s So Raven and the end result was worth waiting through 84 episodes to see. While her original attic bedroom still got the job done, the makeover set a new standard for Disney Channel bedrooms. Notable features include a living area to hang out with friends, a design station where she could focus on her passion, and an unforgettable swinging bed—would it actually be comfortable to sleep on? Probably not. But is it everything I ever wanted in my bedroom as a child? Absolutely.

While it isn’t necessarily the most elaborate or big-budget, Raven’s room win’s the number one spot because it meets the sweet spot of being feasibly possible and being everything you could want (and more) out of a bedroom. Excessively large closets may not win me over, but swinging beds certainly do.