5 No-Stress Podcasts You Can Listen to Out of Order

There’s a podcast for nearly every niche. From the news to finances to engaging storytelling, sometimes you just want to chill out for a bit and listen to something that isn’t going to require too much of your time, attention, or a long-term commitment. Here are some low-stress podcasts that you can pick up and put down at your leisure, but might also just get you hooked. 

My Brother, My Brother and Me

The McElroy Family

My Brother, My Brother and Me is a straightforward podcast: three brothers dish out dubious advice between plenty of goofs that will keep you laughing the whole way through. MBMBAM is easy to get into, just be sure to start after episode 100; that’s when the McElroy brothers really find their voice and momentum. And if you find yourself hooked, there’s a whole empire of McElroy podcasts, videos, and books to explore.


Pop Culture Happy Hour

Hear more about your favorite movie, learn what that show that everybody’s watching is really about and find something new to watch with NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour. The episodes are typically shorter than half an hour, so they don’t require a large time commitment and they’re perfect for a short commute. Join Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, and Aisha Harris as they discuss the biggest movies, TV, music, books, and video games of the moment.


Podcast But Outside

When you’re stuck inside, you can still experience the outside world with Podcast But Outside. Each episode co-hosts Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersch plant their table at a public location and try to get interviews with whoever passes by. Those who complete their interviews are paid $1 for their hard work, which the hosts claim gives them a moral high ground. Don’t skip out on the video uploads of this podcast either, which thoroughly enhance the listening and viewing experience.


Dr. Gameshow

Dr. Gameshow is a silly, family-friendly podcast where listeners submit game ideas to be played on the show. Some of the show’s most infamous games include Werewolf Elton John, where players have to sing an Elton John song while transforming into a werewolf, and One Peanut, Two Peanut, No Peanut, Blue Peanut; which is less complicated than it sounds. Every episode features co-hosts Jo Firestone and Manolo Moreno, a special guest, and several of the listeners. Episodes are recorded live and those watching the stream often call in and join in the games. Winners are mailed a custom Dr. Gameshow magnet!


Sleep With Me

If none of these podcasts are vibing with you, maybe you just need a nap. And what better to get you there than a good bedtime story? Each episode of Sleep With Me tells a bedtime story designed to help you calm your racing mind enough to fall asleep. Created by Drew Ackerman, these stories are interesting enough to make you want to listen but boring enough that you’ll likely be dozing off by the end.